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Top 20 Flirty Conversation Starters

How to start a flirt conversation with a girl? There are such situations when you need to thaw the tension or simply draw the attention of your potential partner during romantic chats. However, flirty conversations aren’t only about dating. You can also use creative phrases and questions during your date nights to jazz things up and encourage vibrant emotions in your partner. Check out flirty how to start a conversation with your crush and add a touch of flair and excitement to your encounters. 

Best 5 flirty conversation starters for online dating

If you want to set the right mood for your texting sessions online, feel free to use these flirting conversation opening lines. Therefore, you can avoid cheesy phrases and give your romantic affairs the right flow. 

  • I had originally planned to wait until later to send you a text, but I just can’t hold off any longer. I really want to talk to you now.
  • I smile every time your photo pops up on the site. Actually, I am smiling right away.
  • Your mysterious smile makes my heart go pitter-patter. Can I get to know you better?
  • Are you ready for a juicy confession? Chatting with you is the absolute highlight of my day, no doubt.
  • Are you looking for love on this dating site or just want to have fun?

5 good flirty conversation starters to break the ice

Don’t you have any idea how to turn a conversation flirty? Sometimes, it is necessary to melt the initial chill or shake off the frost and dive right in to build a rapport with a woman. This is where the following examples of flirting conversations will come in handy. Whether you want to break the ice with a joke or impress your partner with something unusual, keep these flirty ways to start a conversation at hand during your next romantic venture.

  • Couldn’t help but notice that dazzling smile of yours. Would you mind if I added some extra sparkle to it?
  • Are you Wi-Fi? ‘Cause I’m picking up some serious bars of connection between us.
  • I was thinking about inviting you on a date, but honestly, I can’t seem to look away from you.
  • What is your dream date? Just tell me more, and I will do my best to turn it into reality.
  • Let’s talk honestly: I am blown away by your smile.

Top 5 examples of flirting conversations during date night 

How to start a flirt conversation with a girl on a date night? When you light the candles and turn on the romantic tunes, it is just the time to make your night hotter while discovering flirty how to start a conversation with your crush. Bring your relationship up a notch by having these questions up your sleeve. 

  • What’s the most lovey-dovey date you’ve ever had?
  • Do you feel like there is a spark between us?
  • Are you doing anything tonight? Just kidding, you are spending it with me!
  • If you were to pick an emoji to represent yourself, which one would you choose?
  • What do you think the love language means?

5 fun flirty conversation starters that imply deep answers

If you want to give a big turn to your flirty conversations, why not ask open-ended questions that require lengthy answers? This way, you can develop a discussion that will help you discover the interests and preferences of your match. Aside from creating a flirty conversation with a girl, these opening lines will help you to create a rapport and understand whether such a romantic connection works for you. 

  • What is your biggest vice, and why?
  • What are three personality qualities of yours that might surprise me?
  • What’s the most treasured thing you own?
  • Could you describe your perfect partner funnily?
  • What’s the one thing that would make you say, “No way, that’s not happening”?
Conclusion from Expert
Willy Mason

It goes without saying that flirting conversation is a cornerstone for creating a rapport with a lady you are interested in. The right flirty conversation starters for texting and date nights will help you set the right mood for evolving your relationship. With the examples of flirting conversations above, you will certainly hone your communication skills and leave your partner in awe.


How do I start a flirty conversation?

Answer from
Stuart E. Rudner
Stuart E. Rudner

If you are all about making your conversation starters flirty, you will need to rush into compliments or ask an open-ended question requiring a creative answer. It is possible to complement your piquant questions or kinky phrases with emojis, pictures, or photos to make them more special. Also, don’t forget to be playful while preserving your individuality.

What to flirt with a girl over text?

Answer from
Willy Mason
Willy Mason

If you want to give your romantic affairs a piquant direction, feel free to incorporate conversation starters for flirting into your texts. Just remember to approach your messaging sessions with respect and sensitivity in order not to scare your potential partner. You can ask a lady to describe her perfect date or make a compliment — just let your imagination run wild.

Do girls like it when you start with a flirty text?

Answer from
Willy Mason
Willy Mason

All girls like extraordinary decisions made by their potential partners, so flirty conversation starters may serve as an excellent way to impress your significant other. If you want to develop a flirty conversation with a girl, feel free to spice up your text with compliments and sweet jokes to stoke curiosity and ramp up fascination.

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