Willy Mason

Willy Mason

Hello everyone! I am Willy Mason, Editor-in-Chief at theweekbehind.com. Back in 2020, I and my team launched this couch dating project with the only aim — to help people of all genders and ages learn hacks and ways to find a suitable partner. 

How did I come into this industry? 

Willy Mason

In 2005, I finished New York University, with a major in Journalism. I have always had a keen interest in writing, so this sphere became the first step to my future job. However, I also got inspired by psychology and the topic of relationships. Thus, I decided to get a Master's degree in this field, too. Probably, such a decision was influenced by a major event that happened at that stage of my life and shifted my world: the painful break-up and years of loneliness after it. This event changed my view on relationships and opened up the struggles that people face when trying to find an ideal partner. 

Study years passed, I worked both freelance and as a staff writer at magazines, focusing primarily on the topics of relationships, dating, and psychology in my works.

Along with this job, I practiced organizing psychological sessions, during which I helped hundreds and hundreds of people to understand themselves, their preferences, and what they needed to do to find a mate for a perfect romantic partnership.

The journaling sphere not only gave me a huge experience in the field of dating but also let me delve into the topic when interviewing dating experts and psychologists. 

In 2018, I was invited to work on two projects connected with the mail-order bride & dating sphere and reviewing websites. The network magic didn’t make me wait long. Two years later, I met a team of enthusiasts working on launching what I now call the major work of my life — TheWeekBehind website that tells about the ins and outs of the sphere of dating. I was offered the position of Editor-in-Chief in this company, which I am still doing now.