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TheWeekBehind History – Get to Know Us Better

In 2003
Scott Jacobs initiated a distinguished project primarily centered around articles encompassing Culture, Relationships, Art, Politics, and Technology.
By 2004
The project underwent a significant redesign, enhancing the product’s user interface and experience.
In 2008
The platform broadened its horizons by introducing a novel category dedicated solely to articles regarding dating and relationships, emphasizing the evolving needs of its audience.
In 2020
The project underwent a strategic pivot, transitioning into a comprehensive source on relationships. It now offers an array of content ranging from news, guides, and quizzes to interviews and more, all curated to cater to the burgeoning dating industry. Embodying the ethos of the brand, the platform adopted the slogan: “Stay Updated, Stay Loved!” Under the discerning leadership of Willy Mason, the project flourished with him assuming the role of head editor.
By 2022
The project was further enriched by the onboarding of Stuart E. Rudner, an esteemed independent legal expert with a specialization in family matters, marking another milestone in the project’s illustrious journey.
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