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1. You’ve Been Friend Zoned

Sometimes, the answer to “Why don’t girls like me?” is as simple as that. She views you as a friend that she can bring as a plus-one to all events and corporate parties. She can tell you all of her secrets and even ask you to buy her favorite flowers, but that does not mean she has romantic feelings for you. You have to stay strong, gentlemen, because we have bad news for you: friendzone is something that you will have a hard time removing yourself from, so you might just try your luck with another girl.

2. You Irritate Her

As harsh as that sounds, sometimes you have that type of personality that she is annoyed with. You could be talking about your favorite topic for 30 minutes straight or you could be chatting about things that she does not care about, be it computers, technology, robots, or anything else that catches your interest but makes her feel bored. So next time you ask yourself “Why girls don’t like me”, this could be the answer.

3. You are Not Well-Groomed

In the modern world, personal hygiene matters a lot. Just think about it: would you want to be around someone who often forgets to shower, cannot find a personal sense of style, or does not own a deodorant to begin with? We are not saying that you should turn into Antonio Banderas overnight and exude hotness wherever you go, but making an effort to stay well-groomed always pays off. If you don’t care about the way you look and smell, this can be a huge red flag for most women.

4. You are Not Her Type

As humans, we can be very shallow and judge other people based on the way they look. This is a common trait for men and women alike. When you hear a guy say “Why do women not like me?”, he may not realize that she is not attracted to him in a romantic sense, plain and simple. This does not mean that you should immediately run to a plastic surgeon for a facelift or that you are so ugly that you need to hide yourself from the world. You may be attractive to a lot of people, and for some girls, you would be just the type. You just have to keep searching, because it all boils down to personal attraction.

5. You are Too Arrogant

Sure, women love confident men who know how to have their way and take on the leadership mantle, but when your confidence turns into cockiness, this might come across as domineering and not sexy at all. Women are human beings who want to be courted with respect and kindness, so the reason she is not into you might be your aggressive attitude which does not look good on men who want to become the center of attention.

6. You Only Talk about Yourself

We understand that some men need to be dominating the conversation because they have anxiety issues and this is the only way they can exercise control over the situation and feel calm again. However, if you are constantly talking over her and interrupting her when she has something really important to say, she might think that you are another self-absorbed guy who is only focused on himself and cares little about what she thinks or feels.

7. You Act Like a Stalker

Let’s say a pretty girl gives you her number. But instead of treating her like a princess and asking her out on a date like a proper gentleman, you start following her everywhere she goes and sending her 100 messages a day, inquiring how she feels and what she is doing at the exact moment. If you follow her around like a lovesick puppy or even show up in unexpected places like her office, she might think that you are a stalker with a crush and she needs to cut off all ties with you, or you will become dangerous.

8. You Don’t Take Action

“Why women don’t like me” can be a common concern for guys. The real reason she does not take you seriously or seems indifferent might have something to do with your personality. Let us be real here for a second: women love charismatic men, charming men, and men who will make them feel like they are ruling the world. Sure, there is a certain kind of appeal found in shy guys, but she is not going to sit around and wait until you finally decide to ask her out. Even if you are an introvert who finds it hard to connect with people, you can still use text messages to invite her on dates and tell her how you feel.

9. You Bring Nothing to the Table

You can be the hottest guy in the world, but if you have nothing to offer to a woman you like, you might as well be seen as a walking red flag. And we want to preface this statement by saying that we are not talking about gold diggers here. If you claim that you love her but offer none of that warm love and support, how can she even trust you with her future? You are clearly not ready to invest in a relationship, and why would she even waste time on a guy who is showing up late to dates? Why doesn’t she want me, then? Well, maybe because you are an irresponsible and immature guy who thinks that the world owes him and he has to do nothing in return.

10. You are too desperate

If you hear the guy say “Women don’t want me”, try to analyze their behavior. If they are too needy around someone they like and never disagree with her or voice a different opinion, this might actually repel the girl. Just like men who don’t want you to silently worship the ground they are walking on, women find it annoying when a guy acts like a doormat and allows females to push him around. You have to change your mindset from “No women want me” to “Whatever happens, happens”, and try to lead with confidence. You will be surprised how that carefree and sexy attitude can change the way women perceive you.

Conclusion from Expert
Willy Mason

If you have a “Why do I get no girls mentality”, it can be hard to step away from that dynamic and rethink the way you treat women in general. If you have an honest female friend who doesn’t like to sugarcoat things, ask her what she believes might be wrong with you. She might give you the right answers on why some women prefer to stay away from you whenever you meet them. If you don’t have a supportive group of friends, analyze the way you act around women. Sometimes, “no girl wants me” is just a cover for a selfish attitude and the inability to admit your own mistakes when it comes to dating.


1. Do girls like shy guys?

Answer from
Willy Mason
Willy Mason

Most women love guys who exude confidence and are not afraid to make the first step, so if you are too shy or awkward around the ladies, you might want to schedule an appointment with a dating coach to help you get out of your comfort zone.

2. What should I do if no girl likes me?

Answer from
Stuart E. Rudner
Stuart E. Rudner

If you are thinking “Why do girls avoid me?”, you need to start examining the way you behave around women. You might be making the same mistakes we have mentioned above. Try to reevaluate the way you act and ask your female friends to give you tips on how to approach women in the right way.

3. How can I attract a girl?

Answer from
Willy Mason
Willy Mason

“She said she dont like me” might be your main source of stress, but don’t worry, there are ways to attract the girl of your dreams, including taking care of your appearance, never harassing her on social media, and acting like a gentleman at all times.

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