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Research reveals a fascination with accents among Americans, with the British accent often leading the pack. Yet, it’s the Southern drawl that’s stealing hearts across the United States, as highlighted in a 2013 Cupid dating site study.

So, if the Southern accent tops the list, do Southern men match up to this allure in other areas? Absolutely. The term “Southern gentlemen” isn’t just a throwaway phrase.

Combining insights from public opinion, detailed research, and perspectives from Lilit Marcus, a writer hailing from North Carolina and based in New York City, we’ve pieced together a comprehensive picture.

Southern guys have a certain charm that’s hard to resist, and here’s why they’re considered some of the best boyfriends around:

  • Manners Matter: Southern men are known for their impeccable manners, always polite and ready to open doors for you.
  • Charming Vocabulary: Terms of endearment like ‘beau’ and ‘darlin” sound extra sweet in their southern drawl.
  • Straightforward in Love: With Southern guys, there’s less guessing game. A kiss means you’re together, and that’s that.
  • Culinary Skills: They often have a knack for cooking, especially when it involves delicious fried food.
  • Family Ties: These men usually share a strong, healthy bond with their families, particularly their mothers.
  • Respectful Attitude: Southern gentlemen often have a traditional take on respecting women, though sometimes it might feel a bit too much like being put on a pedestal.
  • Bursting with Pride: Southern pride is a real thing – they’re proud of their roots.
  • Grits and More: They’ll introduce you to the wonders of southern cuisine, like the irresistible grits.
  • Fashion Sense: They have a thing for seersucker fabric, which is both stylish and comfortable.
  • Taking it Slow: Life in the South is often less rushed, which means your relationship can grow at a comfortable, enjoyable pace.

In summary, dating a Southern guy means enjoying their polite manners, heartfelt terms of endearment, straightforward approach to relationships, culinary skills, strong family bonds, respectful attitude, pride in their heritage, delicious food, great fashion sense, and a relaxed approach to life.