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There has been some confusion over how The Week Behind got its name. The cynics in our midst claim it is the result of a spelling error, an transposed for an a; by simply replacing the second e in “Week” with an a, readers will have a better sense of where all the wisdom in these pages comes from.

Deeper meaning might be found in Shakespeare’s admonition that the past is prologue. What has happened in the past is often a useful guide to what is coming. But just as often, it is not. The truth, of course, is that we call our little publication The Week Behind because it is published on Fridays.

Our Publication Contains

Are you sick and tired of dating frustration? Or maybe you want to learn how to flirt with a woman online but haven’t got enough skills? The thing is, dating requires a ton of skills. But the good news is you can learn a lot about it from our special resource. What makes it stand out from other websites? 

  1. News and the last dating trends. Prepare yourself a cup of coffee and get ready to scroll through engaging research about marriages, types of affection, or engaging resources. 
  2. Week behind. This is a special dating digest. Here you disclose the compelling news that happened during this week, whether it’s a new breakup or a success story. 
  3. Guides. Probably your sacred place where you can learn the inner concepts of how to date effectively and avoid dull mistakes. Have no clue where to get on your first date? Or maybe you doubt whether this person is right for you. Our guides involving essential tips and hacks will help you out. 
  4. Interviews & Stories. The best part about learning is the ability to listen to someone’s story and improve your dating. We invite many swingers, people from the LGBT community who are not afraid to speak out and share their experiences with you. Moreover, we also have professional dating coaches who are more than happy to answer to all the dating questions from the listeners or simply uncover some important tips on efficient dating. 
  5. Quizzes. Here you can also take a quiz and learn about your love language or the right type of partner. Besides quizzes, you’ll enjoy other entertaining content, like videos. 
  6. Reviews and ranks. Of course, the website offers reviews from our users and professional experts who try out each site on their own. After using the site, we’re making our conclusions and happily ranking dating websites based on various criteria. 

Who We Are? + What We Do?

Welcome to our team that can boost your dating life. The site was launched by Scott Jacobs in 2003, and in 2020, Willy Mason turned it into a comprehensive resource covering all aspects of dating & relationships, including guides, news, interviews, and quizzes. We are the independent media in the dating industry and make our references based on the opinions of our users and our personal experience. We are here to promote your dating routine. 

This is the team of professional authors, editors, researchers, and dating coaches who make amazing efforts to upgrade your dating life. They write the truth, use reputable resources to induce the dating guidelines, and make every text clear and understandable.

How to Write for TheWeekBehind

If you would like to write for TheWeekBehind, the first step is to do something interesting, then write about it. We like to call what we print stories, so think about writing a beginning, a middle and an end; and don’t be afraid to write in the first person. We like that. Read more about how to send us your content here.