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At 31, Flavia Cornejo has experienced a love life quite different from the fairytale she envisioned as a young girl. Instead of the conventional path of meeting someone, marrying, and living together with children, her romantic journey has been marked by long-distance relationships.

Flavia’s Dating Journey Began at 17

Her first relationship, starting at 17, was with a boyfriend who lived only 30 minutes away. However, due to Flavia’s busy schedule with high school and college courses, they could only meet on weekends. Looking back, she’s grateful for the distance, feeling it gave her the strength to leave a relationship her parents viewed as toxic.

A Seven-Year Relationship Spanning Multiple Cities

Flavia’s second significant relationship began in college in a new, exciting city. They quickly grew close and moved in together in their second year, defying her Peruvian cultural norms. This relationship saw highs like dream internships and lows like losing a parent. The couple faced challenges when she studied abroad in Paris and he had to move back to his hometown. Their relationship struggled with the distance, Flavia’s commitment to her studies in New York, and her unwillingness to settle in his small hometown, ultimately leading to their breakup after seven years.

Travel, a Love and a Barrier

A key factor in the end of Flavia’s seven-year relationship was her passion for travel. She felt that moving to his small hometown would limit Flavia’s freedom and opportunities to explore the world. Despite promises to travel together, they parted ways, and she believes she made the right choice in prioritizing her love for adventure.

After Nine Years of Long-Distance, She Tried Local Dating

Flavia Cornejo, after about nine years of long-distance relationships, needed a break to understand her needs and desires. She moved to Barcelona and, for the first time, dated people who were actually in the same city. These encounters ranged from single dates to multiple outings, but none sparked a genuine connection.

An Unexpected Encounter in Morocco Leads to Love

Flavia’s dating landscape changed when she met her third boyfriend while traveling in Morocco. Initially, she didn’t expect much from it since he was pursuing his Ph.D. in Hungary while she was finishing her master’s in Spain. However, they hit it off and maintained contact. Their relationship blossomed through visits, sometimes meeting in different countries for adventures. She even moved to Budapest temporarily during her visa wait for Portugal. He plans to join her in Portugal after completing his Ph.D.

Embracing Life’s Unpredictable Nature

This relationship, although not following the traditional path she once dreamed of, feels right to her. Flavia’s experiences have taught her that life doesn’t always adhere to our plans. She has learned to be flexible and open to receiving what she wants in unexpected ways.

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