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So this guy, who didn’t have much growing up, is dating this really rich girl and he’s been sharing his total amazement about their different worlds on TikTok. He talked about this one time they went out to dinner with her family, and her folks thought he was just a friend because she introduced him that way. But the whole vibe of the evening made it pretty clear that her family had money – like, a lot of it.

Right from the start, when they got to the restaurant, it was a different experience for him. 

She was all, “What do you want to eat?” And he, being the polite guy he is, said he’d have whatever they were having. But they were like, “No, really, pick whatever you want!” That was wild to him because, back in the day, he would never dream of ordering the priciest thing on the menu when someone else was paying. It was about being respectful and not taking advantage, you know?

But here’s where it gets crazy – her mom actually took all four kids to different restaurants just to make sure they all got exactly what they wanted. He was blown away. He couldn’t believe they’d go to all that trouble. Back home, it was more like, “You’ll eat whatever I’m having and you’ll like it.” But these kids? They never had to worry about whether something was too expensive or not. It was just… wow.

And then, after they ate, a lady comes up and starts clearing their table. 

He thought she was a relative at first, but nope, she was a maid. A full-time maid, right there in the house. He had never seen anything like it. Sure, some folks might hire a cleaner every now and then, but having a maid is on a whole different level. It’s super rare in the U.S. – like, only 0.043% of households have one, according to the numbers.

His girlfriend tried to downplay it, saying the lady wasn’t really a maid. But when he found out they paid her to cook and clean? Yep, definitely a maid.

It’s just wild to him, the whole thing. In a not-so-wealthy family, everyone pitches in with chores. But here? They’ve got someone to do it all. Even though this crazy wealth gap is part of their relationship, it doesn’t seem to get in the way of their love for each other, which is pretty cool. But man, wouldn’t it be something to see her reaction when she has to clean her own plate at his family’s house?

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