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Come up with a good joke

A successful joke may serve as a good ice breaker for online dating. It is a risk-free and funny way to initiate a messaging session. Moreover, the study reveals that singles with a good sense of humor are more likely to find a compatible partner on a dating site or app. 

A date who starts with a joke is far more remembered than someone who starts with “Hey, how’s it going?” Try a few different funny phrases or questions until you discover one that people like. Examine how others react and go on with the same aspiration. 

Ask a striking question

Still on the lookout for good ice breakers for online dating? Starting texting with an engaging question is one of the most popular ice breakers for dating apps. If you want to draw the interest of your potential partner, you may come up with something that implies a creative answer. Some online dating icebreaker questions may include: 

  • If you were an author, what would your book be about?
  • What is your biggest vice?
  • If you could be a guest on a TV show, which one would you choose?
  • What is your go-to pleasure?
  • Are you a party-maker or movie night admirer?

Therefore, you can set the right flow for your interaction and discover the interests of your match. 

Encourage your partner to play a game

This is one of the most extraordinary online dating icebreakers. Whether you are communicating on social media like Facebook or a dating app, you can play a game with your match. You can use some popular options like Two Truths and a Lie or 20 Questions to jazz up your messaging sessions. 

Explain why you text them

One of the most effective dating app icebreakers is to explain why you chose this particular woman for dating. Say something like that: “When I came across your profile, my heart became pitter-patter, so I decided to message you in order not to lose my chance to find love.” You can also use other online dating ice breakers such as describing your shared interests or activities. Just let your imagination run wild. 

Demonstrate your food

It might be one of the weirdest dating app icebreakers, but it is no less effective than previous ones. Start your chat by sharing a photo of your breakfast. Everybody loves food, and many people like to share their impressions related to different dishes. Another tip is to ask your partner about their food preferences. Such icebreakers for online dating might also be beneficial since they will see that you have a genuine interest in their personalities.  

Ask a provocative question

Keep exploring good ice breakers for dating to set the right mood for your romantic interaction. Asking a provocative question might be the most effective way to make your partner seek another date. Some inspirational ice breaker questions for online dating may include:

  • What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to romantic encounters?
  • Do you think I use the right ice breakers for dating to increase the spark between us?
  • What’s the one thing on your bucket list you are going to do on a date with me?

Shower your match with compliments

The most prominent ice breakers online dating is saying sweet words to your significant other. Make compliments based on the individual features of your partner and the vibrant aspects you have noticed. Even though it may seem like a trivial icebreaker for online dating, it always adds a special appeal to your relationship. 

Suggest sharing bucket list items 

Ask about something on the bucket list of your potential girlfriend or share one of your own. “Is there something you have always wanted to do but haven’t had the chance to do?” Although such ice breakers for dating may seem unusual, keep asking such questions and getting to know your partner better. Therefore, you can take your relationship to the next level even sooner than expected. 

Use pre-written icebreakers for dating apps

The most proven way to melt the heart of the person of your interest is to use ready-made ice breakers for dating apps. Numerous dating platforms have already included vivid opening lines that set the mood of online chats. However, there is always room for your creativity, so feel free to come up with something exceptional. 

Share your travel stories

If you are in search of dating app icebreakers that imply sharing interests, talking about traveling may be a go-to topic online. Share your adventurous travel story and ask your crush about their favorite destinations. Discuss the impressions of different countries to make the conversation flow. This is one of the online dating icebreakers that will allow you to find common ground and mutual aspirations. 

We Asked Women: What’s the Ideal Icebreaker Message for You on a Dating App?

Willy Mason
Willy Mason
Willy Mason

What’s your ideal first message on a dating app?

Lisa Clark
Lisa, 32 y/o
Lisa, 32 y/o

Use a hint from my profile. For instance, I adore cheese. An ideal first message might be, ‘Noticed you love cheese. Ever tried the four-cheese gnocchi at this Italian spot? Or their wine and cheese pairing? Fancy it?’ Heck, yes I do. Why? A) It’s irresistible. B) You made an effort to stand out. Even if our chat reveals you’re not my type and I bail on our date, you’ve outdone the guy who just texted ‘Hey.’

Willy Mason
Willy Mason
Willy Mason

What’s your ideal icebreaker on a dating app?

Amelia, 24 y/o
Amelia, 24 y/o

Highlight the quirks of dating apps and humorously self-reflect without drowning in self-pity. Consider saying, ‘Thinking of a witty opener was harder than my SATs. So, I’ll take a chance and say I’d love to know you beyond this screen.’ It feels genuine, and I’m much more inclined to want to know you in return.

Willy Mason
Willy Mason
Willy Mason

What’s your go-to conversation starter on a dating app?

Sarah, 27 y/o
Sarah, 27 y/o
Sarah, 27 y/o

Mention something from my bio or a detail from my photos you connect with. For instance: ‘Hey, which race were you participating in? I’m quite the fitness enthusiast as well.’ It indicates you’re genuinely keen on getting to know me (a novelty among guys). Bear in mind, the chat should be mutual. Plus, we bypass the mundane chit-chat and dive straight into meaningful dialogue.

Conclusion from Expert
Willy Mason

Whether you want to make a good first impression or just engage beautiful and interesting people in conversations, you can always rely on the best ice breakers for online dating. They can serve as a great opening line to set the tone of a relationship and create rapport with your potential partner. Get inspired by the best online dating icebreakers described above or come up with your own ones to start your chats creatively.

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