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Dating apps can be a minefield of ‘icks’, those little turn-offs that suddenly make someone you found attractive seem… not so much. These ‘icks’ can strike unexpectedly, changing your view of a potential match from hot to not in an instant. While what’s an ‘ick’ for one might be endearing to another, certain dating app faux pas are almost universally cringeworthy. Let’s dive into the eight most common dating app icks that can kill the vibe, ranked for their ick-factor.

Grammar Faux Pas

There’s something about poor grammar that just screams carelessness. A whopping 71% of dating app users get turned off by sloppy punctuation and grammar mistakes. It can hint at a deeper level of chaos in someone’s life, making you question their ability to communicate effectively in a relationship.

Burning Man Overload

Over-emphasizing a single experience like Burning Man in your bio can be a big turn-off. It might suggest a lack of depth or self-awareness, especially if it comes off as a privilege flex.

Awkward Voice Notes

Voice notes are a hit or miss. They can either be super attractive or give you an immediate case of the icks, especially if they’re used for odd performances like singing in a Muppet voice.

Sarcasm Overload

Claiming to be “fluent in sarcasm” might not be as charming as you think. It could suggest a tendency to deflect and play it too cool, potentially signaling issues in dealing with adult relationships.

Too Comfortable, Too Soon

Getting too cozy with a stranger can be off-putting. Whether it’s an early invite to their home, unwarranted sexual references, or premature talks about marriage and kids, these can all send the wrong message.

Political Deal Breakers

In today’s polarized world, opposing political views can be a major ick. Differences in core values can be hard to reconcile in a relationship.

Blatant Lies

Lying about age, height, or any other personal attribute in your bio is a big no-no. It sets a poor foundation for any potential relationship, no matter how small the lie.

The Laundry List of No-Nos

Rattling off a list of what you don’t want in a partner can come off as judgmental, bitter, or just plain miserable. It’s a surefire way to repel rather than attract potential matches.

In conclusion, while everyone has their own specific icks, these common turn-offs can make the difference between a swipe right and a swipe left. Remember, you might be someone’s ick too; it’s all part of the dating app game. If these icks seem to be a constant in your dating app experience, perhaps a break from the digital dating world might be in order.