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There’s something undeniably attractive about a man who loves to read. Sure, not every woman is into bookworms, but for many, a man with his nose in a book is a total catch. But what’s the real deal? Do women genuinely fall head over heels for guys who are into literature?

Years back, my mom, worried about my single status at 27, signed me up for a dating site. I wasn’t thrilled, but I went along with it, partly to prove her wrong. After filling out endless questions, the site found me just one match, a guy from Texas who thought “reading was boring.” As a writer in NYC, this was a deal-breaker. I demanded a refund from the site, which they promptly gave.

For me, dating fellow readers has always been a must. Who doesn’t enjoy diving into a good book now and then?

I asked women about their take on dating men who don’t read. Here’s what they had to say:

Intelligence Matters More Than Books

“I can overlook a lack of love for books if he’s knowledgeable in other areas. But he’s just an occasional fling, not boyfriend material.” — Angela, 31.

Quality Over Quantity

“I’d rather date a non-reader than someone who reads trashy stuff.” — Candace, 25.

Active Life Over Reading

“If he’s too busy for books, that’s fine. But if he finds reading boring, that’s a different story.” — Jen, 36.

Shared Reading Interests

“Having the same taste in books is a bonus, but not a dealbreaker.” — Mieko, 38.

Some Flexibility in Reading Habits

“I used to insist on a book lover, but I’ve softened my stance. It’s more about being well-informed and curious.” — Becky, 30.

No Books? Big Problem

“If a guy doesn’t have books in his place, that’s a red flag.” — Sara, 40.

The Bookshelf Romance

“My husband’s well-worn book collection was a major turn-on when we first met.” — Anna, 30.

Intellect Over Quantity

“Books are great, but it’s more about being intellectual and curious.” — Karyn, 30.

The Subway Reader Appeal

“A guy reading on the subway is incredibly sexy.” — Alexandra, 24.

Any Reading is Good

“I appreciate someone who reads anything, even if it’s just magazines or online articles.” — Mel, 28.

Avoid Creepy Reading Choices

“I once dated a guy whose only books were about serial killers. Big no-no.” — Randi, 38.

Reading and Dating a Novelist

“I’m a novelist, and I recently dated a guy who proudly said he never reads novels.” — Iris, 27.

So, there you have it. While not every woman needs a man to be a bookworm, being well-read, curious, and intelligent is definitely a plus in the dating game.