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When it comes to height in the dating game, it often feels like men draw the short straw. While being a petite woman is seldom an issue, society seems to have a thing against shorter men, often viewing them as less desirable. But, what do women really think about a man’s height?

Heels or No Heels?

  • Gaia, 36, has dated shorter men but mentions they often aren’t comfortable with her in heels.
  • Valerie, 30, finds that shorter guys get uneasy about her footwear choice.
  • Tanya, 34, confesses she felt awkward with shorter men and avoided certain shoes, a feeling she didn’t have while dating women.

Taller, Please

  • Jen, 35, is fine as long as the guy is taller than her 5’3″.
  • At 5’2″, Steph, 23, generally prefers taller guys.
  • Michelle, 31, wants someone as tall as her dad, acknowledging it’s an odd benchmark.

Height Doesn’t Matter

  • Liz, 27, says she’s dated both taller and shorter without caring.
  • Alle, 29, at 5’10”, doesn’t mind a man’s height, but his attitude towards it can be a dealbreaker for her.

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In essence, guys, don’t let your height hinder your pursuit of happiness. Even if she towers over you in heels, it shouldn’t discourage you from approaching her.