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The journey to a woman’s heart isn’t as complicated as it seems. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about grand gestures or playing it too cool. We talked to ten women who revealed the unexpected, yet simple things men did to make them fall head over heels in love. Here’s what they had to say:

Caring Counts

  • Colleen, 29, was touched when her now-husband took care of her after a medical procedure, staying up for 36 hours to ensure she was comfortable.
  • MS, 26, admired how her date Mike defended her friend from an annoying stranger.
  • Ruthie, 40, fell for a man who cared for her after she broke her leg, despite them not being official yet.

Embrace Your Quirkiness

  • Monika, 26, found her boyfriend’s quirky gift, a harmonica, endearing because of the pun with her name.
  • Dana, 33, was charmed by a guy who created a playful ransom note scenario involving her stuffed frog.

Be Someone Else (Briefly)

  • Cortney, 30, enjoyed being asked out by a guy pretending to be a bike cop.

Let Go of “Manliness”

  • Amber, 25, appreciated a guy who allowed her to practice makeup techniques on him.

Pretend to Share Interests

  • Jennifer, 34, found it cute when her date Scot pretended to know and like indie music.

The Art of Playing Hard to Get

  • Elizabeth, 28, was intrigued after a man played hard to get by inventing a new girlfriend.
  • Stephanie, 26, became more interested in a guy who left a party without asking for her number.

These stories go to show that sometimes, it’s the small, genuine, and quirky actions that can make a big impact. It’s about showing care, being yourself (or not), and sometimes, just going with the flow that can turn the tide in your favor in the world of dating.