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So, we spend heaps of time at the office, right? And it’s pretty likely at some point, a little workplace crush might pop up. Now, while falling head over heels can be all kinds of exciting, the whole “Should I spill the beans or just keep quiet?” dilemma can be a real buzzkill.

If you’re sitting on the fence about whether to turn that office flirtation into something more, the folks at Vault’s career intel website have got some stats from their 2015 survey on office romances that could help you out. 

The lowdown you need before making your move

  • It’s More Common Than You Think: 59% of folks have had a bit of romance with a coworker. But watch out, the guys seem to be more into flings, while the ladies are more about the serious stuff.
  • Watch the Workplace Hierarchy: The biggest no-no? Getting involved with someone way up or down the corporate ladder from you. Think twice before eyeing up your boss or that cute intern. Other tricky situations include dating someone in the same department or on the same project.
  • Being Coworkers Isn’t a Relationship Killer: Don’t worry, being office mates isn’t a total romance buster. About 60% of people said they wouldn’t avoid dating someone just because they work together.
  • The “Office Spouse” is a Thing: Yup, around 33% of people spend so much time with a certain coworker that they’re practically married (minus the romantic stuff).
  • Dating Up or Down the Ladder Happens: About 25% of folks have dated someone lower on the corporate totem pole, and 18% have dated their boss.
  • Keep It Out of the Office (Literally): Only 33% of office lovebirds have actually gotten cozy at work, and just 4% have been caught in the act.
  • Your Colleagues Probably Won’t Mind: A solid 70% said their office romance didn’t cause any awkwardness with other colleagues. And less than 40% felt weird about other people’s work relationships or thought promotions were being handed out for… personal reasons.
  • You Likely Won’t Regret It: Sure, breakups suck, and it’s even worse when you have to see your ex every single day at work. But, 63% of people who’ve had a workplace romance said they’d totally do it again.

By the way, if you’re in publishing, advertising, marketing, real estate, or HR, love is pretty much in the air. But for those in graphic design, fashion, agriculture, transport, or accounting – the office romance scene is looking a bit dry.

So there you have it. Whether you decide to go for it or just keep things strictly professional, at least now you’re armed with a bit more info to help you make the decision. Good luck!