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Ever wondered what goes through a guy’s mind when he first meets a woman? Here’s a glimpse! I chatted with 15 men to find out what catches their eye and heart when they first spot a potential love interest. Their answers might surprise you!

  • Honesty Above All: Mark, 26, looks for sincerity right off the bat. If she seems genuine, he’s intrigued.
  • Looking for Fun: Johnson, 21, is drawn to women who are lively and trustworthy.
  • Humor is a Must: For Cían, 22, a good laugh is key. He values a deep connection based on shared interests and views.
  • No Judgments: Simon, 24, doesn’t judge at first glance. Chemistry is his top priority when starting to date.
  • Authenticity Matters: Peter, 32, appreciates natural behavior and kindness. It’s important for her to be herself and nice to others.
  • Sophistication and Intelligence: Daniel, 27, is drawn to women with an elegant demeanor and smarts.
  • Confidence is Attractive: Diego, 26, likes women who carry themselves with confidence and shares common ground.
  • A Love for Laughter: Paul, 23, pays attention to her sense of humor, seeking more than just physical attraction.
  • Eyes Tell Stories: Mikkel, 19, believes eyes reveal a lot. He values personality and character in dating.
  • Confident Conversationalists: Richard, 33, is turned on by confident, open women who enjoy happy, easy conversations.


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  • Respect for Others: Mikkel, 23, observes how she treats those around her. Confidence and respect matter.
  • Optimistic Outlook: Kristoffer, 27, is drawn to cheerful women. Chemistry is crucial.
  • Vibing Together: Miles, 21, tries to feel her vibes to see if they click.
  • Honesty and Good Energy: Kasper, 25, seeks honest conversations and common interests, valuing genuine vibes.
  • Freedom of Expression: Mauricio, 30, desires a woman who is open, spontaneous, and expressive.

Interestingly, 67% of the guys mentioned the face as the first thing they notice, followed by the eyes. This suggests that men are indeed searching for a deeper connection, valuing sincerity over superficial beauty. And for those wondering about second chances, every man surveyed expressed willingness to go for a second date, even if the first impression wasn’t perfect.

So, ladies, let’s step out and meet these amazing men – they’re looking for real connections just like us. Happy dating!

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