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Have you heard about the ‘penny dating’ trend? It’s the latest buzz on social media, and let me tell you, it’s not the kind of dating advice you’d want to follow. This toxic trend is all about gradually reducing the effort in a relationship, sneaking it down to the bare minimum without your partner realizing what’s happening. Yep, it’s as bad as it sounds.

TikToker Erika Tham blew the lid off this trend in a viral video, explaining how she learned about it from a male friend. The video, which got millions of views, sparked plenty of outrage online. Here’s the lowdown on what this ‘penny dating’ method is all about:

The concept is pretty manipulative. Men, or anyone using this method, start off the relationship by giving their all – think of it as “feeding hundred dollar bills” into the relationship piggy bank. But here’s the catch: they gradually start pulling back their efforts, lowering their investment to, say, 90%, and then slightly increasing it to give the illusion of effort. This cycle of reducing and slightly increasing effort continues, slowly diminishing the investment to almost nothing – hence the term ‘penny dating’.

Erika Tham, understandably horrified by this strategy, warned her followers to be vigilant of such behavior in their partners. Her take on it? Never settle for anything less than you deserve – no ‘penny’ efforts when you’re worth ‘hundred dollar bills’.

The internet’s reaction? Shocked and appalled. People couldn’t believe that such manipulative tactics are being used in dating. Comments ranged from calling it “straight-up harassment” to “narcissistic sociopathic manipulation”.

Bottom line

The ‘penny method’ is a stark reminder of the lows to which dating trends can stoop. It’s a method of manipulation, not a romantic strategy. So, keep your eyes open and never settle for less than what you’re worth. Remember, real relationships are built on genuine effort and mutual respect, not calculated mind games.