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Heads up, folks! The world of modern dating is tricky enough without having to keep tabs on the latest trends that could spell trouble for your love life. And guess what? The holiday season isn’t giving us a break either. There’s a bizarre trend called ‘Scrooging’ making the rounds, and it’s as cold-hearted as it sounds.

‘Scrooging’ is when someone breaks up with their partner right before Christmas just to avoid buying them a gift. Yep, it’s named after that famous miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, and it’s as stingy and heartless as the old man himself. Imagine being in a relationship with someone who puts their wallet above your feelings – definitely not the Christmas spirit!

But why do people resort to ‘Scrooging’? Well, some might be dodging a long-term commitment. They don’t see a future with you, so why bother with the gift, right? Others might be so self-absorbed they don’t think you’re worth the expense or effort. Ouch. Then there are those who just can’t face meeting your family over the holidays and think the best way out is to end things.

For some Scrooges, it’s about seeking a fresh start as the New Year rolls in. They don’t want to share that midnight kiss or Christmas dinner with you, so they drop the bomb early enough to find someone else. Talk about cold!

Getting ‘Scrooged’ is a lousy way to end things, leaving the dumped feeling pretty low, especially during a time meant for joy and togetherness. So, as Christmas approaches, keep an eye on your partner’s behavior. If they start acting distant, cancelling plans, or dodging holiday discussions, these could be signs of an impending Scrooge move.

The best defense against ‘Scrooging’? Confrontation. Sit down with your partner and chat about your holiday plans and feelings. You might just be misunderstanding things. However, if they confess they were planning a Scrooge, don’t beg for their affection. You’re better off without someone who can’t even bother with a simple Christmas gesture.

Remember, Christmas is about spending time with those who truly value and love you. So, if you catch a whiff of ‘Scrooging’ in the air, it might be time to show them the door and surround yourself with people who appreciate you. Happy holidays and stay Scrooge-free!