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The value of shared interests in a relationship seems to vary with age. While spending time with a loved one is always special, a recent study highlights a stark difference in attitudes between age groups about the importance of common interests.

The survey discovered that 71% of British singles over 50 consider shared interests crucial in dating. However, for the younger crowd, those between 18 to 49, 80% view having common interests as a ‘nice to have’ but not a necessity.

Interestingly, the significance of shared hobbies seems to grow with age. A significant 72% of Britons over 50 admitted they didn’t place much emphasis on this aspect in their younger days.

Ourtime, a dating app for the over-50s which conducted the survey, notes that older singles often have less focus on career building or raising children. A quarter of them stated they now have more time for hobbies and interests.

This shift means many in this age group are eager to share their hobbies with a significant other. Over half of the over-50 singles are looking for a partner with similar passions to explore new activities. Nearly three-quarters reported that dating has broadened their interest horizons.

Dating expert Kate Taylor comments on the findings, emphasizing that lasting love is more about shared experiences than just mutual attraction. Having common interests fosters deeper connections and provides ample conversation material, laying the groundwork for a strong, enduring relationship.

For younger singles, priorities in dating differ significantly. Tinder’s ‘Year in Swipe’ report, which surveyed 4,000 individuals aged 18 to 25 and analyzed Tinder bios, highlights this shift. It found that quality time together ranks high in their love style preferences, followed by physical touch, thoughtful acts, compliments, and gifts.

The report also sheds light on popular date activities among young people, with raves, live music events, long walks, and pub quizzes topping the list.

Kate Taylor, speaking to Yahoo UK, explains that for younger singles, shared hobbies aren’t as crucial due to time constraints and other life priorities. “When we’re younger, physical attraction often overshadows common interests,” she says. “Plus, younger singles typically have busier social lives, leaving less time for hobbies and passions.”

Additionally, younger individuals often engage in hobbies with friends rather than romantic partners, as their relationships may still be in the early, more casual stages.

Taylor points out that as we age, circumstances like raising children or retirement shrink our social circles. It’s then that singles realize the value of shared interests in building a strong, lasting partnership. With more time at their disposal, older singles begin to appreciate the significance of common hobbies in enriching their relationships.