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In the unpredictable world of dating, pick-up lines are a dime a dozen, often tossed around hoping to catch someone’s interest. But what happens when these lines are more awkward than charming? That’s when a clever comeback can save the day! Let’s dive into 20 witty responses that’ll help you navigate those cringey pick-up moments with humor and sass:

  • Line: “Aside from taking my breath away, what do you do for a living?”
    Response: “Mostly avoiding conversations like this.”
  • Line: “Need a Band-Aid? ‘Cause I scraped my knees falling for you.”
    Response: “Clumsiness isn’t really my type, sorry!”
  • Line: “Are you a parking ticket? You’ve got ‘fine’ written all over you.”
    Response: “Nope, but you’re reading ‘no entry’ all over me.”
  • Line: “I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I saw you.”
    Response: “Big fan of fairy tales, huh?”
  • Line: “Spotify should name you this week’s hottest single.”
    Response: “And you should get an award for bravest approach tonight.”
  • Line: “If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?”
    Response: “I’d prefer you hold your distance instead.”
  • Line: “Are you an artist? You draw me in.”
    Response: “Drawing’s not my forte, better sketch my way out of here.”
  • Line: “Do you have a map? I’m lost in your eyes.”
    Response: “Sorry, GPS is down. Maybe try finding your way out?”
  • Line: “Can you call my phone? I think it’s not working.”
    Response: “Sure, as soon as I find my will to entertain this.”
  • Line: “Can I just call you ‘mine?’”
    Response: “I have a name, and it’s ‘not interested’.”
  • Line: “I feel like a library card, checking you out!”
    Response: “And I’m a rare book – currently off the shelf.”
  • Line: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how free are you tonight?”
    Response: “North Korea.”
  • Line: “You took my breath away, do you know CPR?”
    Response: “Only karate chops, which you might need soon.”
  • Line: “I’d take you to the movies, but no snacks allowed.”
    Response: “That’s okay, I prefer full meals over popcorn flings.”
  • Line: “If you were a taser, you’d be set to ‘stun.’”
    Response: “Funny, I thought you were auditioning for the jester.”
  • Line: “Wanna get drunk and make bad decisions?”
    Response: “Looks like you started early.”
  • Line: “Didn’t we have chemistry together?”
    Response: “More like history, which is what you’re about to be.”
  • Line: “My shirt’s made of boyfriend material.”
    Response: “Looks high-maintenance and a bit too attached for my taste.”
  • Line: “How does it feel to be the most gorgeous girl here?”
    Response: “Ask someone else, I wouldn’t know.”
  • Line: “If I had a nickel for every time I saw someone beautiful like you…”
    Response: “Save it for a better line next time.”

Next time you’re faced with a less-than-stellar pick-up line, arm yourself with these zingers for a good laugh, if not a good date!

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