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In the real world, unlike romantic comedies, love doesn’t always follow a predictable script. For women unsure about their current relationship, it’s essential to know what a genuinely good man would say to his beloved. While it might not happen immediately, ideally within 3 to 6 months, certain phrases are telltale signs of a man truly in love. If these words are missing, it might be time to move on, for your own sake and for the many men waiting to meet someone like you. Here are 15 things a loving, high-value man often says to his significant other:

‘I adore you.’ This goes beyond desire or sex; it’s about the joy your presence brings him.

‘You inspire me.’ This means he admires your life choices, your path, and your interactions with those around you.

‘I respect you.’ He values your opinions and sees you as his go-to person for advice.

‘I just love kissing you.’ Kissing is a cherished form of intimacy for him.

‘I don’t want to change you.’ He accepts you as you are, even the parts he doesn’t quite understand.

‘I accept your drama.’ He understands and supports you in your battles, acknowledging that everyone has their struggles.

‘I love that you tell me off sometimes.’ He appreciates your honesty and doesn’t want a partner who is a pushover.

‘You’re on my mind.’ You occupy his thoughts constantly, even when he’s busy with other things.

‘You captivate me.’ You have his undivided attention.

‘I forgive you.’ He understands your human moments and mistakes, valuing the positive impact you have on his life.

‘I love you.’ A sincere declaration of his feelings and a sign he sees a wonderful future with you.

‘I can’t stop talking about you.’ He openly shares his admiration and love for you with others.

‘I see my future with you.’ He’s thinking about a long-term future together.

‘I just need to hold you.’ His need for physical closeness and intimacy goes beyond just sexual desire.

‘Thank you.’ He’s grateful for your existence, your personality, your standards, and everything that makes you uniquely you.

These phrases from a man are indications of deep, genuine love and a signal that he truly cherishes the woman in his life.