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When you’re starting a new relationship, it’s easy to get caught up in looking for red flags. But what about the positive signs? Dating coach highlights nine subtle yet significant green flags that indicate a healthy and promising start to a new romance.

  1. You’re Not Obsessively Thinking About Them: If your day isn’t consumed with thoughts about them, it means your attachment system isn’t triggered, allowing you to remain calm and focused.
  2. Ease Over Tension: When you’re together, it feels natural and relaxed, not tense. This indicates that the relationship is comforting for your nervous system.
  3. Openness Over Defensiveness: They listen to your opinions and vulnerabilities without getting defensive, showing they value your perspective.
  4. Willingness to Apologize: Even for small things, their readiness to apologize shows maturity and consideration for your feelings.
  5. Respect for Your Time: They understand when you’re busy and don’t take your other commitments personally, showing they respect your life outside the relationship.
  6. Being Your Authentic Self: If you feel comfortable being yourself without fear of judgment, it’s a good sign of a healthy relationship.
  7. Receiving and Giving Compliments: Pay attention to how they react to compliments and how they speak about others. Gracious acceptance and reciprocation of kind words indicate a positive outlook.
  8. Interaction with Friends and Family: Observing how they treat their loved ones can be very telling. Of course, this varies depending on individual family dynamics.
  9. Openness to Your Interests: They show interest in your ideas and are willing to try new things just because you like them, indicating a genuine investment in your happiness.

Keep an eye out for these green flags, as they can lead you toward healthier and more fulfilling relationships.