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In the unpredictable world of first dates, you never know what might happen. From quirky habits to jaw-dropping revelations, these real-life experiences shared by individuals on r/AskReddit highlight the unpredictability and sometimes, the outright weirdness of dating. Here are some of the most unforgettable red flags they encountered that might make them think twice about that next date.

  1. “He tried to change my drink order for being ‘not feminine enough.’ Thanks, but no thanks.” – MaggieLuisa
  2. “Our first conversation included baby names for our ‘pretty babies.’ Nope, that was our first and last date.” – 8inchSalvattore
  3. “Five divorces? I’ll take the advice of those five unknown women and skip.” – 13liz
  4. “Tears over a TV show disagreement? Grey’s Anatomy isn’t worth crying over.” – JumboDakotaSmoke
  5. “Movie date and he keeps sniffing his sock-hand, then tries to hold my hand with it. Gross!” – I_Want_A_Llama
  6. “His profile photos were a decade old. Reality vs. Expectation hit hard.” – DarrenAShaw
  7. “She surprised me with street racing on our first date. Fast & Furious style wasn’t my thing.” – Ronglio99
  8. “Every story started with ‘I got drunk’ and ended with ‘police arrival.’ Hard pass.” – Livid-Leader3061
  9. “At a charity coffee shop, he refused to donate for our ‘free’ drinks. So embarrassing.” – Shredded_Wheaties
  10. “Rude to the waitress? That’s a big no from me.” – ZappSmithBrannigan
  11. “Scrolling Tinder during our date and didn’t think I’d notice in her glasses’ reflection. Really?” – randomcolonoscopy
  12. “Answering her phone in the cinema and chatting on loudspeaker. Why?” – Bonetto188899
  13. “He casually removed his false teeth and pocketed them mid-coffee. I wasn’t ready for that.” – MIZZKATHY74
  14. “Lied about speaking English, using Google Translate the whole time. The language barrier was too real.” – nil_me_sean
  15. “His favorite hobby? Making rings from the teeth of the deceased. That’s a hard no.” – lunchloaf