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Did you know that sending a voice note can increase your chances of getting a first date by 48%? That’s what recent data from Hinge suggests. A whopping 65% of daters feel that hearing someone’s voice is key to sparking interest.

Moe Ari Brown, a therapist and Hinge’s expert on love and connections, explains that voice brings out a personality that photos and texts just can’t. It’s dynamic, not static, making it a great tool for younger folks who might shy away from phone calls. Voice memos help in making that digital connection feel more real.

But let’s face it, sending a voice note to a stranger can feel a bit weird. Many of us don’t even like hearing our own voices! If you’re hesitant, here are some tips to make your voice messages sound friendlier and more appealing.

Creating a Winning Voice Message

Preston Ni, a communication coach and author, says that tone plays a huge role in how we perceive words. “It’s often not just what you say, but how you say it,” he points out. A voice that sounds confident, positive, and engaging is usually more appealing.

Ni suggests smiling while you talk – it gives your voice a warmer, more inviting tone. Even though your match can’t see you, don’t hesitate to use hand gestures; they can actually boost the confidence in your voice.

Brown advises treating your match like someone you already care about. This approach can make your conversation more personal and affectionate. And don’t forget to laugh! Including your genuine laugh in a voice note can create a comforting and connecting experience.