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Navigating a first date can be tricky, especially when it comes to conversation. Guys, it’s important to make her feel at ease, not like she’s being interrogated or judged. Here’s a tip: focus on shared interests and her hobbies. However, there are certain questions you should absolutely avoid if you’re hoping for a second date.

Five No-Go Questions for a First Date:

  • Avoid Number-Based Questions: Steer clear of asking her age, rent, job tenure, salary, gym frequency, or how many kids she might want. The first date isn’t about numbers.
  • Don’t Probe Her Passions: If her favorite things don’t resonate with you, don’t question them. This can highlight differences rather than commonalities. Wait until she’s more comfortable to delve into these areas.
  • Skip the Dating History: Asking about her last date or intimate encounter is a no-go. Such questions can come off as judgmental and aren’t relevant. Remember, she’s there with you, and that’s what matters.
  • Exes Are Off-Limits: Questions about past relationships, including the length of her longest relationship or if she’s dated younger guys, are inappropriate for a first encounter. Give her space to feel comfortable with you first.
  • Don’t Ask About Her Education or Parents’ Jobs: Questions about her college or her parents’ professions can seem like you’re sizing her up. These topics can come across as judgmental and are irrelevant at this stage.

To increase your chances of a second date, focus on making her feel comfortable and valued for who she is, not for the answers she can provide to your questions. Avoiding these five types of questions is a good start!

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